‘Be Still and Know that I am God’ : Psalm 46:10

When we have mastered the art of staying peaceful, we have mastered ourselves.  The whole Psalm says about the power and security of trusting in God.  Many times we get overwhelmed with sorrows and troubles.  But when we take that first step towards God, and learn to trust him with a child like faith, then he is the mother and father to us.  This is like a protective and trustworthy love which a Father or Mother feels towards his or her child.  Faith is like a lamp which leads us during the dark times of trouble.

Trusting is the first step towards peace.  When we trust in God, we automatically gain strength out of that child like trust.  Our faith invokes God’s strength.  This trusting results in giving up our unnecessary worries.  Being still before God helps us to gain tremendous peace deep within ourselves.  As the deep-sea which is calm, the more we dive into this stillness, the more peace and serenity we gain and the more peace we gain, the more our ability to deal with life’s problems. This also develops our confidence and courage.

Besides, being still within also keeps you in touch with the divine, who is within you.

If you are depressed, worried or tensed or if you don’t know how to overcome the problems you face in life, just try this simple tip: ‘trust in God and be still’.  Your problems may get resolved or you gain new insights into the solution to the problem as you become tuned to the Creator of the Universe.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Your feedback if any would be appreciated.  My email id is: mymastersvineyard@gmail.com

John Mathew


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